10 Dec

Holy Holo Glitter Placement Nails

Hi beauties! Allow me to present to you my first glitter placement mani and I promise you that this WON’T be the last!

Holo Glitter Placement Nails
Holo Glitter nails and jar

Let’s get straight into it, shall we? I used one medium coat of Color Club Harp On It as my base and then I just started adding silver holo glitter pieces that I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu. I used an orange wood stick to apply the glitter and used clear coat when the polish got too dry for the glitter pieces to stick. I topped it off with 2 coats of topcoat. Don’t look too closely at my placement or you will notice my mistakes. I didn’t even notice them until I saw the pictures. I guess I was just blinded by holo rainbows from Harp On It. Anyway, just enjoy all the sparklies!

Holo Glitter over Color Club Harp On It

It took a bit of time to finish all 10 nails but it was a very easy look to achieve. Just add glitter! It is soooo sparkly and fun to wear. I think it is perfect for a party or perhaps to welcome the New Year. I thought I would only want to wear it a while because it is so flashy but it is growing on me. I wore these to the Best Cebu Blog Awards night on Saturday. I didn’t win in my category but all the winners are very deserving. I still feel like a winner and am honored to have been nominated and to have made it as a finalist. The organizers of the event did a great job and I had a great time. It was fun to meet more bloggers from Cebu. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and who have made this a great first year so far. Y’all rock!

Have a great week!

13 Sep

Purple and Black Woven Stripes

I’ve had a bit of a dry spell in the inspiration department lately. But I’ve noticed that several of the blogs I follow have been participating in the 31 day challenge (2013) that Chalkboard nails created and Mr. Nailinator suggested that I go with one of the prompts for that. Day 12 is stripes and I came up with this.

I started with two coats of Color Club Eternal Beauty and then used L.A. Girl 3D in Black Illusion and a striper brush to add the stripes. I’ve included a picture in warm light so you can see a bit of the holo shimmer. The sun didn’t come out all day today so there are no sunshine shots. Oh well! I think they look pretty darn cool. Don’t you?

I hope everyone is having a great day.

08 Aug

BK Holo 21 and Rose Water Decals

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week. I’ve been busy and keeping it pretty simple with the nail art this week as I’ve been reorganizing everything in the house that got disorganized while I went all crazy with the nails during the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge. It was a load of fun but I’m happy for a bit of a break. Ha! My hands are enjoying it too. 🙂

I’m showing you another simple but pretty look today. It’s very feminine and I’m loving how quick it was to do. I started with two coats of BK Holo #21 which I purchased from MyOnline Shop.Then I added some black rose decals I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu (only 10 pesos for the full sheet). I finished off by adding some dots with my dotting tool and sealed it with top coat.

I’ve got several shots so you can see what it looks like in my light box and in warmer indoor lighting which makes the holo show better. The warm lighting shows the color and holo rainbows more realistically. I love me some holo polish and feel so very happy when I’m wearing my BK holos. I can’t wait to compare these to my CC Halo Hues that will be making their way to me in just a few more weeks. 🙂

Any tips on photographing holographic polish? Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!

07 Apr

Blue Sapphire and Glitter

Once again I’m late in posting it but I did this mani for Short and Sweet in Texas‘ 30 Day challenge. Day 5 is blue and I had a few ideas of what to do but I wanted some glitter so I went with a dark blue base color and glittery tips.

I love this look. I used:
Sansan- Blue Sapphire
Sinful colors- Hottie
And a sponge

The pictures don’t really do justice to how sparkly these nails are. So pretty! Check out this link to find all the submitted nail art so far for the challenge. We’ve got some seriously talented ladies participating! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Check out those holo sparkles
28 Jan

Subtle Galaxy Nails

I hooked both of my younger sisters into letting me do their nails so I could catch up in the Pre-Spring Challenge. The theme for day 5 is “Sky” and I had a little bit of an extra challenge coming up with a manicure that my more… let’s call her reserved… little sister would feel comfortable wearing and was suitable for her work. I wanted to do something different but “galaxy nails” kept coming up but my sister didn’t want galaxy nails like I did a while back so I thought about a way to tone it down a bit and tried it out with some subtle colors that don’t contrast as much. I also didn’t start off with sponging white to make the colors “pop” but chose a similar color to start my nebulas. A lot of these colors are holographic or have a hint of holo so I am excited to see what they look like in the sun.


Aren’t they pretty? They are different but I think they are a great option for someone like my sister who needs a little more subtlety. The pictures don’t really do it justice. They have a holographic magic to them.
To get this look I used:
Bobbie – Weng Weng (black soft holo)
Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect – peaceful plum
BK Holographic polishes in 01 (silver) 09 (aqua blue) 11 (pinkish purple) and 21 (light pink)
Sinful Colors – Let me go
Jocarste – White
Jocarste – 49 Holographic glitter
I also used a sponge and a tiny dotting tool to add the white dots for stars after I finished sponging.
What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.
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