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Hi, I’m Rachael from Cebu City, Philippines. I’m not a nail expert. I’m just a gal that likes polish and has a bit of a creative streak.

I am an American by blood, but my heart is Filipino. I was born and raised in Cebu and am fluent in the local dialect as well.

The early signs of my polish addiction began when I was in my teens and had a tackle box containing my precious collection of polishes. I would use toothpicks and dot flowers onto my nails and paint every nail a different color. I don’t remember why, but by the time I was 20, I had stopped doing my nails almost entirely.

I got back into the habit of doing my nails after my daughter was born in 2011. After two kids, I needed a little “me time” and Mr. Nailinator offered to watch the kids so I could do my nails now and again. I learned a lot from the interwebz, and while searching for more manicure tips, I happened upon a lot of cool nail art blogs and tutorials. A few polkadots and stripes later, and I was hooked. I’m not a very flamboyant person but apparently my nails are, so my family and friends encouraged me to start my own blog to share my nail art with the world and so here it is. This is the very first nail blog in Cebu City to boot! Woohoo!

You can get in touch with me via email at rdrobins84@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. i enjoy doing my nails too but lately i’ve been to lazy to do it. my go-to design when i’m feeling “adventurous” with my nails is the polka dots (i use a hairpin). mainly because it’s the easiest i can manage. following your blog now for some inspiration in the event that i actually progress from polka dots to something more, um, artsy. =)

    p.s. just out of curiosity, don’t you find the removal of some designs (especially those that involve glitters) a pain in the ass? because i now avoid glitter polishes like a plague!

  2. Your blog is awesome!!! I found your tutorials and tips on nails really fascinating. It inspires me to do my own nail again and maybe write about it, though I can’t do nail art as of the moment. I only polish them with plain colors and some glitters. I’ll definitely try nail art soon.
    I’m also in Cebu.


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