19 Apr

Girlstuff Urban Jungle Collection Swatches

Hello again!!!

It’s officially summer time in the Philippines and it sure feels like it! Whew! I’m melting over here, y’all! One of the best things about summer and nail polish is the flood of bright, fun colors and eye-catching nail art. Today, I’m sharing swatches of the new Urban Jungle 2017 Summer Collection from Girlstuff Forever. This collection is bold, fresh, and fun to wear. The formula on these is the perfect consistency so they are very easy to apply. These shades are all cremes that dry quickly, are long-lasting, and are also easy to remove. Win! Lets get to the pictures, shall we?

Urban Jungle Collection

Girlstuff Found Myself Swatch

Found Myself – This teal creme is perfection in two easy coats. This bold polish is not for the faint of heart. But for those of us that love a pop of color on our nails, this shade is a winner!

Girlstuff Away From It All Swatch

Away From It All – This is a pastel yellow creme that isn’t exactly a pale yellow, but also is not overly bright. It is clean and fresh. Take extra care when applying this one because, if you drag your brush, you will end up with bald spots and will need three coats instead of two.

Girlstuff Bare Necessities Swatch

Bare Necessities – This is a pastel mint green creme that is so refreshing! This one also needs a little extra care with application to prevent bald spots. You can get away with two coats if you are careful. I really want to recreate my Cherry Blossom nail art from years ago using this as my base.

Girlstuff No Compromises Swatch

No Compromises – Wowzers! This is a bold blue creme that will not go unnoticed! All you needs is two easy coats for this look. Isn’t it pretty?

Girlstuff Dreams Do Come True Swatch

Dreams Do Come True – When I first saw shots of the Urban Jungle Collection, Dreams Do Come True caught my eye and I was excited to try it. It did not disappoint!  This two-coater is a lovely purple creme which leans just a little bit towards blue. Just lovely! It’s my favorite of the bunch.


Each of these Girlstuff Urban Jungle polishes retail for Php 120 and can be purchased at any of the Girlstuff kiosks or directly from Girlstuff Forever. Check out Girlstuff on their website or Facebook to purchase your own Girlstuff polishes.

Which one is your favorite of the bunch? Please comment below.

I hope you have a happy and colorful summer ahead of you. Don’t forget to make someone smile today!


15 Dec

Girlstuff Holiday Collection 2016 Swatches and Review

Hello lovely people! 

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, I know. I was in the US for 3 months and we traveled a lot so that wasn’t very conducive to doing nail art or blogging. But boy, we had a great time visiting with our family and friends in Texas!

I’ve got some swatches for you of a lovely holiday collection by one of my favorite polish brands. Girlstuff Forever’s Holiday Collection 2016 is inspired by some popular holiday indulgences. All three shades in this collection are lovely and I think they would all be considered work appropriate. All swatches are two coats with top coat too. 

Girlstuff Creme De La Creme Swatch

First up is Creme De La Creme! This is a creme polish with a bit of a shimmer that adds a lovely luster to your nails. It takes two coats for this lovely neutral color which I imagine would be flattering on most skin tones and is a great base color for any nail art.

Girlstuff You Had Me at Merlot! swatch

Next up is You Had Me at Merlot! This deep burgundy shade is also a creme that looks great in two coats. If you could see at my nail polish collection you would be able to tell I have a thing for dark polishes so you may guess that is my favorite of the lot. Your guess would be correct and, yes, I’m wearing it right now. 🙂

Girlstuff Death By Chocolate swatch

Finally, let’s finish off with Death By Chocolate. I love the name of this brown creme polish that actually looks like melted chocolate! Yum! This is also an two easy coats and it is such a nice shade of brown!

Overall, I like the Girlstuff Holiday Collection 2016 as it has bold and neutral colors that are inspired by food! Haha! You can expect the same great quality from these polishes as with other Girlstuff collections. I am always impressed by how well the polish holds up over time. Each of these retails for php 130 and can be purchased from one of the Girlstuff kiosks or directly from Girlstuff Forever. Check out Girlstuff on their website or Facebook to purchase your own Girlstuff polishes.

If you are planning on grabbing any or all of these for gifts for family or friends (or for yourself) this holiday, I would definitely recommend you also grab a bottle (or TEN) of their Fast Dry Top Coat. It’s like liquid magic, y’all!

Which one of these if your favorite? Now I feel like I need to hunt down some chocolate to nibble on. Ha! I hope you are having a great week. Make someone smile today!


01 Jul

Girlstuff Solique UV-Glow Top Coat

Howdy folks!

I’ve got an awesome product to share with you today! Introducing the new and amazing Girlstuff Solique UV-Glow Top Coat!

Girlstuff UV-Glow Solique Topcoat Swatch

How great is this topcoat? One easy coat of this and your nails will glow under any blacklight/UV light! The closer you are to the light source, the brighter the glow. So much fun, right?

Girlstuff Chill Gradient

This is what these nails look like in regular lighting. You can wear this as a topcoat over any polish or you could even wear this alone as a protective clear coat and still enjoy the glow under a blacklight.

Since this long-lasting topcoat is part of Girlstuff’s growing Solique Gel Polish line, you might want to check out my full review on the Solique Gel Polish line so you can see what you can expect from this Solique topcoat.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this product and I know you will too. Here’s a short video I took so you can see the glow in action!

Isn’t that great? This Solique UV-Glow Top Coat polish retails for Php 200 and can be purchased at one of the Girlstuff kiosks or directly from Girlstuff Forever. Check out Girlstuff on their website or Facebook to purchase your own Girlstuff polishes.

I hope your weekend is a fun as this top coat! Keep smiling!


27 Jun

Girlstuff Rave Neon Collection Swatches and Review

Hi folks! I’ve got some fun swatches to share with you today.

Girlstuff Forever recently released their Rave Neon collection and I’ve got 3 out of the 4 polishes from the collection to share with you today. As you can expect with all Girlstuff polishes, these polishes dry very quickly and are vibrant and long-lasting! They are also easy to remove and did not cause any staining on my nails.

Pro tip: Always wear topcoat to prolong the life of your mani. Girlstuff Fast Dry Topcoat is my personal favorite. I can do my nails and go to bed 10 mins. later without waking up to sheet marks. Not even kidding you!

Now on to some swatches!

 Girlstuff Rave Neon Breakbeat Swatch

Breakbeat – This an eye-catching shade of orange that takes 2 coats for opacity. It’s definitely the one to pick if you want your nails to “pop”!

 Girlstuff Rave Neon Lounge Swatch

Lounge – If you like green polishes, I’m sure you will love this one. The color is so fun and out there! This one is opaque in 2-3 coats.

Girlstuff Rave Neon Chill Swatch

Chill – This one is my favorite of the three in the collection that I have. It’s a stand out blue that I’ve already worn twice. 🙂 You can get by with 2 coats of this but I’ve used 3 here since I goofed and nicked my pinky nail after the second coat.

Techno – There is a bright pink shade in this collection but I don’t have it on hand to swatch. But I’m certain you will find it has the same quality as the three I have shared. If you are looking for a collection that will add some color to your digits, you have found it.

Each of these Girlstuff Rave Neon polishes retail for Php 120 and can be purchased at one of the Girlstuff kiosks or directly from Girlstuff Forever. Check out Girlstuff on their website or Facebook to purchase your own Girlstuff polishes.

I hope you have a great day! Don’t forget to make someone smile today!


16 May

Birthday Nail art with Girlstuff Chill

Hello lovely ladies!!

Today is my birthday! Woohoo! It’s been a great day too. My hubby surprised me with a music album of 40 songs by the very talented (and entertaining) Betty Hutton and later on, we are headed to my mother’s house for cupcakes and Oreo cheesecake! Yay!

I’ve been busy with several projects lately and my nails and blog have been on the back burner. I made sure to do my nails for a special occasion like my birthday and I’ve used a new polish sent to me by Girlstuff. They have recently launched their new Rave Neon collection and I chose Girlstuff Chill which is a fun blue shade. It is opaque in two easy coats and dries quickly.

Girlstuff Chill with stamping

I brushed a little glitter here and there and then stamped over it with my MJ XXVI stamping plate from MyOnline Shop. It’s simple but pretty. I’ve been wearing polish pretty consistently but haven’t taken the time to do any nail art. So I’m very happy to have a pretty design on my nails. Today.

I hope your day is as lovely as mine has been. Do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,


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