08 Aug

BK Holo 21 and Rose Water Decals

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week. I’ve been busy and keeping it pretty simple with the nail art this week as I’ve been reorganizing everything in the house that got disorganized while I went all crazy with the nails during the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge. It was a load of fun but I’m happy for a bit of a break. Ha! My hands are enjoying it too. 🙂

I’m showing you another simple but pretty look today. It’s very feminine and I’m loving how quick it was to do. I started with two coats of BK Holo #21 which I purchased from MyOnline Shop.Then I added some black rose decals I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu (only 10 pesos for the full sheet). I finished off by adding some dots with my dotting tool and sealed it with top coat.

I’ve got several shots so you can see what it looks like in my light box and in warmer indoor lighting which makes the holo show better. The warm lighting shows the color and holo rainbows more realistically. I love me some holo polish and feel so very happy when I’m wearing my BK holos. I can’t wait to compare these to my CC Halo Hues that will be making their way to me in just a few more weeks. 🙂

Any tips on photographing holographic polish? Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!

16 Jun

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Howdy ladies! It’s been a busy week as you may have noticed by my lack of posting. I was in the mood for some rainbowy goodness so I used 3 easy coats of BK Holo #9 which I bought from Meann of MyOnline Shop. Since I like a little something more than just plain polish, I decided to try out some adorable new stickers I found at a fabulous store I’ll tell you more about in a later post. Aren’t these cat stickers just the cutest?

I also used these stickers this week to do the Bookworm’s nails. We went with 2 coats of Oh My Golly Purple Passion and a Korean gold glitter polish I found this week. They turned out super cute don’t you think? 
I wasn’t expecting to be impressed at all with these as my past experience with nail stickers hasn’t been so great but these were thinner than the Wish brand stickers and they stuck well to the nail and didn’t peel up at all around the edge when I added top coat. I was pleasantly surprised. Have a great weekend!

24 Apr

Elegant Rays of Holo Goodness

Hello new followers!

Today’s challenge prompt is a tape manicures. I haven’t had much experience with tape manicures in the past but despite difficulties I persevered and came up with this look that I love, love, love!
I started off with two coats of BK Holo #1 and then added some Wet N Wild Kaleidoscope glitter. I went ahead and let that dry overnight and today I cut up some scotch tape and used my Chic Black Velvet to add the black. I think they turned out awesome! I have several pictures for you today including a fuzzy one to let you see the holo glittery goodness! My sweet hubby, who I enlisted to help take pictures this evening, keeps commenting on how great they look.

Let me know what you think in the comments. I know you are jealous! 🙂

18 Mar


I encountered some serious creative blocks this week which was extremely frustrating. I had the house cleaned, kids in bed on time, nails prepped and… nothing! I couldn’t come up with anything. :/ Meh! So I spent a long time looking at my stash, tools and I even raided my sister’s stash and finally came up with this mani.

This is 2 coats of BK Holo 18 (gold)with Bichun A21 (purple)sponged on the tips. As you can see, I had much better success than my previous attempt at sponging. This actually looks really pretty and the cheapo kitchen sponge I used worked much better than the makeup sponges I’ve used in the past. After I finished my sponging I took my striper brush and used the purple to add stripes to the accent nail. I think it looks great. Someone told me they look like they were inspired by Cadbury Chocolates. What do you think?

Indoor warm white light
Direct sunlight
10 Mar

Holo stamping

This was such a hard mani to photograph. I decided to try out holo on holo stamping. It was so cool looking. My husband said, “It looks like some kind of futuristic digital manicure.”
First pic shows the pretty holo and second is in shadow to show clearly the pattern I chose to stamp.
Have a great weekend!


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