27 Aug

L.A. Girl Sand Blast in Sand Storm

Hi Girls!
I finally found an orange shade I loved a couple of weeks ago and now I’m back with a nude that I love. I have come across several nudes but have never liked one enough to wear it on my nails. I’ve got a very pinkish undertone to my skin, so I guess I needed something with a touch of pink to make it work for me. Apparently, L.A. Girl Sand Storm is just right.

L.A Girl 3D Effects Sand Storm with studs

My sweet friend, Jax, of Craftynail sent me Sand Storm a while back, and I’m so glad she did. I added gold studs for a classy but edgier look. I love it! It made me wish I had some triangle shaped studs though. I’ve added that to my shopping list for the next time I go nail art shopping.

All you need is 2 coats of Sand Storm for full, even coverage. I’ve got 3 coats on here because I wore it by itself for a day, then added another coat when I was ready to add the studs. I did not try this polish with topcoat so I’m not sure how that would look. Cleanup took a little bit of extra effort compared to a regular creme polish but not nearly as much work as glitter.

Well, what do you think? Do you have a favorite nude shade? Do you struggle with nudes like I do?

I hope you have a wonderful day!
Hugs from me to you,

31 Jul

I’m back!

Hello ladies!

I decided to take a blogging hiatus as we visited our family and loved ones in Texas. We had an amazing trip filled with much fun, laughter and lots of love. We are back in Cebu now, and have (mostly) gotten over the jet lag. I’ve been unpacking, dusting and cleaning everything! I’m about ready to get back to blogging. I’m going to have to find a new rhythm as we also just started our school year. I am continuing to home school and my boy is starting 1st grade. Fun, fun, fun!

Anywhoooo… While the blog has been on stand-by, I HAVE been posting stuff on my Instagram account. In case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I thought I would share some of the very simple looks I have been sporting the past 3 months. I appreciate you sticking around despite my absence on the blog. I decided to soak up as much family time as possible with those we see so rarely. I have lots of new goodies to share with you as I get back into the swing of things. Lemmings were CRUSHED!

Have a fabulous day and thanks for tuning in!

Girl Stuff – Wild Berries
L.A. Splash Tailscales
I Love Nail Polish Brand  (ILNP) Molly – So stunning!
Color Club – Harp On It
Nail Ritz Nail art Pens and Pueen Stamping
L.A. Girl Purple Effect
18 Mar

Review of China Glaze Winter Holly – St. Patrick’s Day Worthy Shade

All products used were purchased by me. 
All opinions are mine. 🙂

I don’t celebrate the holiday, but I’ve got a St. Patty’s Day worthy mani to share with you today. I started with one coat of Shisem F610 (Dark Forest Green) which I purchased at Blooming Nail Cebu. I then added 2 coats of China Glaze Winter Holly which my sweet hubby spoiled me with a couple of months go. It is a mixture of gold, green and purple glitter (with a bit of a holo sparkle) suspended in a clear base.

Without topcoat

On it’s own, Winter Holly dries the same way that CG I’m Not Lion does. It’s a grainy or sandy finish. I like polishes like this because you really get two finishes in one. You can choose between the grainy, somewhat matte finish on it’s own, and the super glittery and shiny finish after applying topcoat. I’ve included a few extra shots to show how it looks with top coat.

With one coat of top coat
With two coats of top coat
With 3 coats of top coat and in brighter light. You can see the depth.

I am really happy with this polish. It is so pretty. It was hard to remove in the manner that is typical for a glitter polish. I was kicking myself for not remembering to use my glue base for easy glitter removal. I won’t forget next time (fingers crossed). Also, as you can see, I added some gold studs which I also purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu.

Well, that’s all for me for tonight. I hope you have a great week!

27 Jan

San San Tea Rose Reinvention

I’m showing you my submission for the Lacquer Legion theme for today which is “Reinvention”. This mani applies in two aspects because:
1. I used a polish over some decals to make it work for me.
2. I  am wearing a look I have NEVER worn and NEVER EVER thought I would. Would you just look at that visible nail line (VNL)? And would you believe that I LOVE it?!?!

This is two very easy coats of San San Tea Rose. I think this may be the only exception to my severe case of VNLphobia. But I will definitely be more open minded from now on and give a polish a chance to win my heart like Tea Rose did. The accent nail is a full nail water decal I purchased from My Online Shop on Facebook. I added a coat of Tea Rose to make it match the other nails.
The combination of my nail shape, the floral pattern and the dusty pink just screams vintage romance. Don’t you think?

I also added a pearl accent to the accent nail. These are from Blooming Nail Cebu.

San San polishes are available at HBC branches and retail for 37 Philippine Pesos per 12 ml bottle.

How do you feel about VNL? Are you getting in the mood for some romantic nail art for Valentine’s Day? I’m looking forward to some extra girly looks in the coming days.

Have a fabulous day!

26 Jan

Review of Caronia Trance and Moonlight

I’ve got not just one but TWO polishes up for review today! Both are by a local polish brand Caronia.

First up is Trance which is what I would describe as a purple foil. It is VERY shiny and oh so pretty! Those of you who have been around a while know by now that I have a special place in my heart for purple polish.

Caronia Trance swatch

I used 2 coats here. The formula was a bit thick but easy to handle. Clean up was very easy and I wore it all day without top coat and had no wear on my tips. Two thumbs up from me.

Caronia Trace swatch 2

I actually put off buying this one because I thought it was too similar to Amethyst by Chic which can be seen here. They are actually quite different. While Amethyst has glitter bits and dries to a semi-matte sort of textured finish, Trance is a foil with a shiny and smooth finish.


Next up we have Moonlight which I would describe as blue and purple shimmery duochrome glitter in a black jelly base. I’ve used two coats over Trance here because I already had it on and I wanted to make sure I had no VNL. After applying it, I think I could have gotten away without the base.

Caronia Moonlight swatch

Isn’t it pretty? I picked it up a couple of weeks ago. I had not seen this shade before and I was surprised by it. I haven’t had much experience with duochromes and multichromes. I think this would be a duochrome but I also noted gold tones in certain lighting. I could not photograph it though. If you have any tips on photographing these types of polishes, I would love to hear them.

After applying topcoat (which bubbled a bit because it had been raining for almost 2 weeks straight) I added a little Swarovski crystal accent. I purchased these from Blooming Nail Cebu.

Caronia Moonlight with Swarovski accent

Which is your pick of the two? Both of these Caronia polishes are available in department stores, grocery stores and pharmacies in the Philippines. These shades come in 8ml bottles for approximately 34.75 Philippine Pesos.

What do you think of my review post? I’m still getting the hang of describing polishes for you. I would love to hear your feed back or any suggestions of what other info to include. Please leave a comment. I hope you have a great weekend!


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