16 May

Birthday Nail art with Girlstuff Chill

Hello lovely ladies!!

Today is my birthday! Woohoo! It’s been a great day too. My hubby surprised me with a music album of 40 songs by the very talented (and entertaining) Betty Hutton and later on, we are headed to my mother’s house for cupcakes and Oreo cheesecake! Yay!

I’ve been busy with several projects lately and my nails and blog have been on the back burner. I made sure to do my nails for a special occasion like my birthday and I’ve used a new polish sent to me by Girlstuff. They have recently launched their new Rave Neon collection and I chose Girlstuff Chill which is a fun blue shade. It is opaque in two easy coats and dries quickly.

Girlstuff Chill with stamping

I brushed a little glitter here and there and then stamped over it with my MJ XXVI stamping plate from MyOnline Shop.Β It’s simple but pretty. I’ve been wearing polish pretty consistently but haven’t taken the time to do any nail art. So I’m very happy to have a pretty design on my nails. Today.

I hope your day is as lovely as mine has been. Do something to make someone smile today!

Until next time,


22 Sep

Roses on Mint Apple by Sinful Colors

Hello ladies!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have had a very busy Saturday but a restful evening here at home.

Day 21 of the 31 day challenge is “Inspired by a color”. I attended an event today which required me to wear something green so I wanted to come up with some nails to go with my shirt and I think that totally falls under the “inspired by a color” category. Don’t you?

Aren’t they pretty? I’ve done a few floral looks with the same technique but this is the first time I’ve actually used red for the roses. I think I’m getting better at it too now that I’ve got leaves and everything. Check out similar looks hereΒ ,Β here and here.

I started with two coats of Sinful Colors Mint Apple (LOVE!). Then I used my dotting tool and Caronia Tea Rose for the red blobs that would become roses. Then I added swirls on the roses with Caronia Baby Pink. I mixed black and dark green together for the leaves and finally added some dots of Caronia Crystal to finish it off. These pictures are without topcoat as my topcoat killed my design the night before with more bubbles than a fizzy drink. πŸ™

Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading.

11 Aug

Sun and Flowers Nail Art

Hi gals!
Let me start by pointing out that, although this would be more appropriate as a spring time design, we don’t have four seasons over here in the Philippines. All we have are wet and dry versions of hot, very hot and ridiculously hot times of the year. :/ So my”Sun” inspired mani is all about the sun and pretty flowers in bloom. I’ve even got a cute little bee with his tiny wings flying around doin’ his thing. Aren’t these adorable? I am quite pleased with them. My almost 2 year old girl thought they were cute too.

I used a whole bunch of different polishes to do this and don’t particularly want to get my bum off the couch to list them all (it’s been a long day). Sorry. I guess it’s one of those days.

On a more exciting note, I’ve got a great week lined up for you gals. I’m going to be guest posting on not just one but TWO great blogs this week and hopefully I will have my very first guest poster come visit to wow us with her amazing skills! I am excited so stay tuned!

Just in case you missed it, I joined instagram a couple of weeks back and I would love to connect with you there especially if you want to see more pictures than what I share here or on FB. πŸ™‚ Find me @thenailinator (I’ve got a link in the side bar) and let me know you follow my blog too. πŸ™‚

I hope you are having a fantabulous weekend. Talk to you soon!

08 Aug

BK Holo 21 and Rose Water Decals

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week. I’ve been busy and keeping it pretty simple with the nail art this week as I’ve been reorganizing everything in the house that got disorganized while I went all crazy with the nails during the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge. It was a load of fun but I’m happy for a bit of a break. Ha! My hands are enjoying it too. πŸ™‚

I’m showing you another simple but pretty look today. It’s very feminine and I’m loving how quick it was to do. I started with two coats of BK Holo #21 which I purchased from MyOnline Shop.Then I added some black rose decals I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu (only 10 pesos for the full sheet). I finished off by adding some dots with my dotting tool and sealed it with top coat.

I’ve got several shots so you can see what it looks like in my light box and in warmer indoor lighting which makes the holo show better. The warm lighting shows the color and holo rainbows more realistically. I love me some holo polish and feel so very happy when I’m wearing my BK holos. I can’t wait to compare these to my CC Halo Hues that will be making their way to me in just a few more weeks. πŸ™‚

Any tips on photographing holographic polish? Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!

03 May

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Is it really May? Where did April go? I had a lot of fun participating in Short and Sweet In Texas’ nail art challenge for April.

I have wanted to do another flower manicure and have been tossing a few ideas around for what I’d like to do. I wanted to try an antiqued look and came up with the idea of doing a Saran Wrap mani with a nude color and a brown and adding flowers to that. The base didn’t quite turn out as I had imagined (see last pic) but I think the end result is still pretty. I think I’ll try different flowers next time.

I used an unnamed dusty nude and Oh My Golly Sunny Tan for the base and Oh My Golly Bikini (dk. pink) and Jocarste #36 (lt. pink) for the roses. I did the leaves with Caronia On the Go (dk. green) and Sansan Sea Green (lt. green). This is the first time I’ve done leaves and I finally got the hang of it while I was working on my right hand.

Outdoor lighting

What do y’all think? I didn’t really like these until I finished them and added top coat.

On another note, my birthday is in May and I’m gearing up to have my first giveaway to celebrate the occasion! Yay!

Here is a picture before I added the flowers. As I was working on it I was discouraged because I thought it looked like a perfect Halloween manicure. Unintentional Zombie manicure take 2! The flowers made me not hate it. πŸ™‚

Saran wrap mani with nude and brown. Indoor lighting
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