23 Jul

Jailhouse Rock!

Hello ladies!
Another short and sweet post for today because I’m worn out at the end of this exciting day. 
Day 23 of the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway is “Music”. I decided to go with an Elvis Presley inspired look since I love so many of his songs. 

The nails are inspired by the hit “Jailhouse Rock”. I even featured the King’s signature for an accent nail. You can see the inspiration in my little collage. What do you think?

I used Caronia Black Velvet and White Satin and mixed those two together for the grey color as well.  I hope you all have a great day. 

17 Jul

Crazy Tribal Nails

Howdy folks! I hope you are having a great week. It’s been a crazy busy one here in Nailinatorville. I’ve been cleaning and cleaning and the children have so kindly been providing me with more and more to clean up. Meh!

Anyway, on to the good stuff. The Rather Awesome 31 Day Nail Challenge is halfway done! I can’t believe it! It’s not too late to join if you want to. The ladies participating are very talented and super sweet! I love the support the nail art community has for one another. Keep it up gals! I’ve been having fun coming up with designs and I’ve got some great ones for the next couple of weeks so stick around. Day 17’s theme is “gradient” I decided to go with a look I’m personally on the fence about. I saw this mani by Finger Painted a month or so ago and was simply amazed at the awesomeness of it. I knew I wanted to try something like it and so I tried my hand at something similar. While I didn’t copy it exactly it is similar in patterns and bold colors. What do you think?

Please excuse the pitiful pictures. :/
I’ve had a great reaction to these nails but I’m just not 100% sure it’s for me. Know what I mean? I think I could rock this if I stick to just one color combo and tribal prints. This is more the style for The Shutterbug who absolutely loves these. I think she would prefer them in trueneons which I just couldn’t bring myself to use. 🙂 Would you wear these? Have you done any nail art that you feel isn’t really you but you would love it on someone else?

Things needed for this mani:
A daring I’m-going-to-try-something-crazy attitude.
Lots of polishes. I used the following.
Thumb – Oh My Golly Mojito and Klik Mango Shake
Index finger – Klik Ube Shake and Jewel
Middle Finger – Oh My Golly Jive and Klik Lazy Pink
Ring Finger – Klik Navy Blue and Baby Blue
Pinky – Oh My Golly Mojito and Klik Neon Purple
Makeup sponge
Black acrylic paint
Striping brush and detail brush


27 May

Free Handed Chevrons

Have you ever had an idea in your head for a mani and the colors picked out and execution planned then once you sit down to work everything changes? That’s what happened here. I pulled out tape, scissors and chose my colors and the order they were going to go in for a tape chevron manicure and then I ended up frustrated just trying to work with the scotch tape so I grabbed my nail art brushes. Then once I got started with the mani I switched the order of the colors.

I started with two coats of Oh My Golly Bikini then used a nail art brush and Caronia Gold Rush to add the angled lines and filled in the tips. Lastly I took my striper brush and Sinful Colors Black on Black and added the black lines. It’s not my usual style but it is growing on me. I did these on Saturday afternoon and I’ve gotten several compliments on the look. I think the colors make it pretty flashy. What do y’all think?
Outdoor light


22 Apr

Neon abstract

Day 22 of Short and Sweet in Texas’ Nail Challenge is NEON! I’ve never worn neon before so this is a first for me.

This cool design is by Robin Moses. I saw this picture last week and tried my best to make it happen. I guess I could have hunted down her tutorial but I was too busy cleaning and playing with kids today. 🙂

It is definitely not a usual look for me but I do love the bright colors. 🙂 I started out with two coats of Jocarste 28 to make the neons have a metallic flair then, after raiding The Shutterbug’s stash to borrow some neons, I got to sponging. I used Chic – Neon Green, Neon Fushia, Neon Pink and Neon Yellow. Then I added the brush strokes with black, lemon yellow mixed with pastel yellow and blue lake acrylic paints. I hope you like them.

Have you even done any Robin Moses nail art? I did another one on The Shutterbug last year which I really loved how it turned out, but this is the only picture I have of it because I wasn’t really taking pictures of nails I did back then.

16 Apr

Tribal print

My youngest sister (She shall henceforth be referred to as “The Shutterbug” as her hobbies revolve around photography. She’s really very good at it too.) once again granted me the use of her pretty digits for this mani. The Shutterbug needed a work appropriate look this time so we went for subtle colors and an accent nail. I used Sansan – Cloudy Gray and black acrylic paint , a dotting tool and a striping brush for the details. This is my submission for Short and Sweet in Texas‘ Nail Challenge Theme Tribal.

On another note, today is our 8 year anniversary and the hubs and I are going out! Woohoo! We have good friends coming to watch the kids this afternoon and we are going to the used bookstore! My kind of date! Have a great day!

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