22 Apr

Wishful Flowers

A local nail product company called Wish has these adorable nail stickers that I got and decided to try for my floral mani for Short and Sweet in Texas’ Nail challenge for today. Consider this my review of this product.

I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and then I carefull added my stickers to my thumb nails and accent nails. They looked so cute. Then I added topcoat and then they were not so cute! They have shriveled up on the ends and although they stuck well to the still tacky polish they are not laying flat. I’m so disappointed. A second coat of topcoat helped a bit but these don’t live up to my expectations. I need to get my hands on some water decals. Oh well, on to tomorrows mani. It more than makes up for this let down!

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