18 Apr

Sugar spun Hematite

Today’s mani for Short and Sweet in Texas’ Challenge is Sugar spun. I’ve only ever done this once before and it’s pretty simple to do and very cool looking.
The first picture is with topcoat and I also posted a pic with just an accent nail and the polish by itself. This is Oh My Golly’s Hematite from their liquid crystal collection. (another of those 44 cent textured polishes)

Isn’t it cool?

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26 Jan

Spun pink sugar baby!

Oh yes! I am loving this look. This is my entry for the Pre-Spring Challenge Contest. I’m still catching up! The theme of day 2 is pink and I decided to try a new-to-me technique with this manicure. I. LOVE. IT!

I first saw this “Spun Sugar” look done by Top Coat It
and used it as my inspiration.

To get my look I used:

Jocarste – white (56)
Caronia – Crystal
Oh My Golly (OMG) – First date (light pink)
Caronia – Baby pink (medium pink)
OMG – Bikini (dark pink)

I am not a fan of white by itself so added one coat of Crystal to soften it a bit but next time I do this I will skip that step because the white is really the background and with the spun sugar look I hardly notice the mild sparkle of crystal anyway.

There are several tutorials out there and although it can take a while to do, it is worth it. I started with the lightest colors and moved to darker and I didn’t really like it until I added the final color and I was hooked! Even my husband has mentioned several times how cool it looks.

I used a dotting tool to achieve this awesome textured look and it some serious elbow grease for cleanup. Ladies, when someone suggests using Vaseline to help keep mess to a minimum baby oil is NOT a substitute. Oh well, lesson learned.

I hope y’all love this as much as I do. Please leave a comment and subscribe so I know you are out there watching. 🙂

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