03 May

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Is it really May? Where did April go? I had a lot of fun participating in Short and Sweet In Texas’ nail art challenge for April.

I have wanted to do another flower manicure and have been tossing a few ideas around for what I’d like to do. I wanted to try an antiqued look and came up with the idea of doing a Saran Wrap mani with a nude color and a brown and adding flowers to that. The base didn’t quite turn out as I had imagined (see last pic) but I think the end result is still pretty. I think I’ll try different flowers next time.

I used an unnamed dusty nude and Oh My Golly Sunny Tan for the base and Oh My Golly Bikini (dk. pink) and Jocarste #36 (lt. pink) for the roses. I did the leaves with Caronia On the Go (dk. green) and Sansan Sea Green (lt. green). This is the first time I’ve done leaves and I finally got the hang of it while I was working on my right hand.

Outdoor lighting

What do y’all think? I didn’t really like these until I finished them and added top coat.

On another note, my birthday is in May and I’m gearing up to have my first giveaway to celebrate the occasion! Yay!

Here is a picture before I added the flowers. As I was working on it I was discouraged because I thought it looked like a perfect Halloween manicure. Unintentional Zombie manicure take 2! The flowers made me not hate it. 🙂

Saran wrap mani with nude and brown. Indoor lighting
25 Apr

Metallic Saran Wrap Mani

The prompt for today’s mani is metallic so I pulled out some polishes that had a truly metallic feel (I don’t have many). I came up with this. It doesn’t photograph well but it is really pretty. I used 2 coats of Jocarste #26 Silver and layered one thick coat of Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost over that and used wadded up Saran Wrap for dabbing some off. The accent nails were done with a dotting tool. I was thinking of using black or purple over the silver for a more contrasted look but I’ve used a lot of black and purple lately so I went with this.


15 Mar

Saran Wrap Take 2

I noticed I have been migrating towards darker colors lately so decided to change it up a bit with a bright pink and silver mani. I started with two coats of silver and let it try. Then I came in with pink and did one thick coat and took some wadded up Saran Wrap and dabbed at it. This is the second time I’ve done this technique and this time I used tape around my cuticles. Let me tell ya, I WON’T be doing anything like this again without tape around my cuticles! Cleanup was a breeze! I hope y’all like this. It’s very interesting to look at. I love it.

To get this look I used:
Jocarste – 26 (silver)
Oh My Golly – Bikini
Saran Wrap

Ps. The Craftynail told us last week that she protects her work area with old calendar pages which is what I did this time and I’m so happy I did. Thanks for the suggestion Craftynail! 🙂

26 Jan

Seeing Green!

Here is my entry for day 3 of the Pre-Spring Challenge Contest. 

The theme is Green and I tried a saran wrap manicure for the first time using:

China Glaze – For Audrey and
Jocarste – #36 Light pink

I started with two coats of For Audrey and painted on a thickish coat of the pink and then took a wadded up piece of saran wrap and patted it on the nail while the oink was still wet. overall I like the look. Next time I try this method I will be sure to do colors that have a better contrast. Also, it is a lot easier to do a saran wrap manicure when you use tweezers to hold the wads of saran wrap.  I like it. Can you tell I love minty greens?
What do you think? Please try to ignore the mess. 🙂

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