28 Jan

Striped pastels

Day 7 of the Pre-Spring Challenge is a tape mani in pastel. I chose to do yet another first for me with the striping tape. I first put two coats of Amethyst and On the Go and let them dry well. Then I placed striping tape and put a thick coat of First Crush and Mint Sorbet and promptly but slowly removed the striping tape while the polish was still wet. I guess the thing to remember is to work quickly but don’t peel the tape off quickly because that will cause wonky lines. Mine aren’t that crisp but hey, not bad for a first try.

The colors I used were:
Sinful colors – Amethyst
Caronia – First Crush (light purple)
Caronia – On the Go (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear – Mint Sorbet
Striping tape

I like the way it turned out. Do you? Leave a comment!


28 Jan

Subtle Galaxy Nails

I hooked both of my younger sisters into letting me do their nails so I could catch up in the Pre-Spring Challenge. The theme for day 5 is “Sky” and I had a little bit of an extra challenge coming up with a manicure that my more… let’s call her reserved… little sister would feel comfortable wearing and was suitable for her work. I wanted to do something different but “galaxy nails” kept coming up but my sister didn’t want galaxy nails like I did a while back so I thought about a way to tone it down a bit and tried it out with some subtle colors that don’t contrast as much. I also didn’t start off with sponging white to make the colors “pop” but chose a similar color to start my nebulas. A lot of these colors are holographic or have a hint of holo so I am excited to see what they look like in the sun.


Aren’t they pretty? They are different but I think they are a great option for someone like my sister who needs a little more subtlety. The pictures don’t really do it justice. They have a holographic magic to them.
To get this look I used:
Bobbie – Weng Weng (black soft holo)
Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect – peaceful plum
BK Holographic polishes in 01 (silver) 09 (aqua blue) 11 (pinkish purple) and 21 (light pink)
Sinful Colors – Let me go
Jocarste – White
Jocarste – 49 Holographic glitter
I also used a sponge and a tiny dotting tool to add the white dots for stars after I finished sponging.
What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.
18 Jan

Sakura/Cherry blossom nail art

Cherry blossoms are so pretty and in all fairness these aren’t so much an attempt at copying the beauty of cherry blossom trees as they are an inspired artwork. 🙂 They are so pretty and very easy to do actually.

I applied two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet (purchased in the US) and then used a thin artists brush and some brown acrylic paint to make my trees and branches. Then I used light pink and dark pink acrylic and a dotting tool to add the flowers.

I hope you like them. I sure do!

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