10 Oct

Klik Burgundy and Cobwebs

Hi everyone!
I’d like to say a special welcome to all the new faces *waves*! I’m thrilled to have you here.

I’m so excited to see all the entries coming in for the giveaway that started yesterday. If you haven’t already joined, you really should. There’s lots of great stuff up for grabs and it doesn’t cost a thing to enter. Not even much effort if you already follow me via Bloglovin, Twitter, FB, GFC, Instagram or anything like that.

What I have to show you today was a pain to create so you had better leave me a comment saying you love them as much as I do. Ha! Just kidding. (No really, you should say something nice. It would make me smile.)

I started off wanting to swatch Burgundy from Klik’s holiday collection, (swatch is at the end of the post) and it turned out to be a lot more work than I had anticipated. Upon my inspection of the polish, I thought it would need just 2 coats. But after 2 coats it was very streaky and showed bald spots. I waited quite a while before adding the third coat since it was raining in Cebu and the added humidity always seems to cause bubbling. Despite the long wait, I still ended up with bubbling after applying the third coat. Meh! On top of that, in certain light you can still see some thin spots and cleanup was a pain. After several hours, more bubbles showed up and I was so sad that my manicure had gone from pretty and polished to pretty awful.

As I sat down to remove this, I had an idea to try and salvage the look. I grabbed my awesome MJ XIII stamping plate that Meann of My Online Shop sent me and selected this cobweb design. After several failed attempts at color choice, I stamped with Color Club Harp On It. and I love how it turned out. Mr. Nailinator and the 4 year old boy both say this looks like a Spiderman mani. Do you love it? I do. I’ve included a shot under the lamp so you can see the holo shimmer. I’m pleasantly surprised how well the CC Halo Hues work for stamping.

Do you have a favorite non stamping polish to use for stamping? Do share and have a great day!

Over and out!

Under lamp
Swatch of Klik Burgundy before most of the bubbles popped up
25 Sep

Doctor Who Nail Art

Before I get to the nails  I want to take a moment and thank you all for the wonderful comments and for liking my photos on FB and Instagram. Y’all make this so exciting. I even got a couple of award nominations over the weekend! Yay! I’ll have to get to that soon. I have been so bad about keeping up with those. :O oopsie!

Great news girls!
I’m officially out of the nail art funk! (and the crowd goes wild)

My submission for the 31 day challenge today would be considered a stretch for many but not so much for me. The theme is “Inspired by a book”. While Doctor Who is obviously a TV series, I have never seen the show. The Shutterbug, on the other hand, is an avid fan and I happened upon a collectors item book at a used book store and flipped through it to familiarize myself a bit. So you see how this qualifies as “inspired by a book” for me. The Shutterbug has been aching for Doctor Who nail art and she came up with what she wanted and told me the ten nail designs she wanted and we went from there. I have never watched Doctor Who so she had to explain most of them and show pictures.

Doctor Who nail art: fez, blue suit, dalek, 3d glasses, two hearts, TARDIS, Cyberman, andipose

From left to right we have The Doctor’s (Matt Smith) fez, The Doctor’s (David Tennant) blue suit, a gold Dalek, The Doctor (Tennant) and his 3D glasses, two hearts representing The Doctor’s two hearts, the TARDIS, a Cyberman and a little andipose guy. On the thumbs below we have tally marks from the episode with The Silence and a galaxy nail.

Doctor Who nail art: tally marks from "The Silence" and galaxy nail

Do you like them? My favorite is the gold Dalek. I think they all look cool and The Shutterbug keeps saying they are the most awesome nails ever so I think I executed her dream look well. Hopefully those of you who are Whovians (????) like them too.

This is my first time photographing someone else’s nails in the lightbox so the pictures are a bit different. I think you get the picture.

I used a ton of supplies to do these and I’m not going to list them all but here’s a picture…

doctor who nail art supplies

I hope you are all having a great day. Today was our day off and we got to go out and run some errands and play with the kids. Good times!


08 Aug

BK Holo 21 and Rose Water Decals

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a fabulous week. I’ve been busy and keeping it pretty simple with the nail art this week as I’ve been reorganizing everything in the house that got disorganized while I went all crazy with the nails during the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge. It was a load of fun but I’m happy for a bit of a break. Ha! My hands are enjoying it too. 🙂

I’m showing you another simple but pretty look today. It’s very feminine and I’m loving how quick it was to do. I started with two coats of BK Holo #21 which I purchased from MyOnline Shop.Then I added some black rose decals I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu (only 10 pesos for the full sheet). I finished off by adding some dots with my dotting tool and sealed it with top coat.

I’ve got several shots so you can see what it looks like in my light box and in warmer indoor lighting which makes the holo show better. The warm lighting shows the color and holo rainbows more realistically. I love me some holo polish and feel so very happy when I’m wearing my BK holos. I can’t wait to compare these to my CC Halo Hues that will be making their way to me in just a few more weeks. 🙂

Any tips on photographing holographic polish? Enjoy the pictures and have a great week!

22 Jul

Delicate Stamping

Today I’ve got a quick post for you as I’ve got a million things to do before bed. :/ The theme for today is “stamping”. I love me some stamping.

I think this would be a pretty wedding manicure. Don’t you? I started with two coats of Jocarste 28 which is a metallic pink and then stamped with Jocarste White using an image on the MJ plate #8 which was sent to me by the lovely Meann of MyOnline Shop. I think it’s lovely and enjoyed wearing it for the past FIVE days. Yeah, you know I’ve been way too busy when I wear a look for 5 days! Ha!

I hope you ladies had a great weekend!

06 Jul


Just a quick post for you today as our internet is STILL out (it’s been 4 days now) and we are having to use the cellphone internet. Meh!

Day 5 of the Challenge is “Skittles” so I came up with these purple ones.

Index and thumb nails: Oh My Golly Purple Passion
Middle and Ring fingers: Oh My Golly Prom Queen stamped with Purple Passion
Pinky: Chic Amethyst
I stamped with the OB7 plate I purchased from MyOnline Shop.
I think these would look better had I not picked such a similar creme shade to match the glitter nail. So, while these didn’t turn out quite as I imagined I still like them. How about you?

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