30 Apr

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst

Hey everyone!

I’m so sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been a bit distracted since we’ve been in Texas. The last two weeks have been a blur of fun with my husband’s folks. We have ridden bikes, played in the sprinkler, been fishing, shopped at Kohl’s (Yay for jeans that fit!), hunted Easter eggs (multiple times), watched a reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto, visited the zoo, eaten Mexican food and more. Needless to say, we have been busy and having so much fun. My nails (and cuticles) have been beaten up and sorely neglected though. I hope you will stick around despite it being a little slow around here. I’m honestly not sure how much I’ll be able to blog in the next 3 months. In fact, what I’ve got to share with you today is something I sported a while back that I haven’t shared yet. But it is cool!

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst in daylight

I received this polish as a gift from a great family friend who is also a total enabler in the polish addict department, and I really loved wearing it. This is 2 coats of Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst over two coats of Caronia Trance.

Amethyst is a purple to green duochrome that I don’t think you could really wear on its own. But it is pretty layered over a similar shade. I had great difficulty photographing this polish and capturing the shift. But I hope you can get a decent idea with the awkward pictures I do have to share. The pictures show the brush strokes really bad but they weren’t as obvious in real life.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst with holo swirl stamping

I added stamping with Pueen Love Elements plate 47 and Color Club Harp On It which ended up looking really cool. I love holo stamping over dark polishes. Don’t you? The shot above was taken in direct lighting to show off the holo. I received a lot of compliments while wearing this.

Revlon Chroma Chameleon Amethyst swatch

This is the only polish I have from the Chroma Chameleon line from Revlon. I really like it. I don’t have much experience with duochromes though. What about you? Do you have this one or any of the others? Do you like them?

That’s all for me tonight. I’m off to get the kids to bed (fingers crossed) and hopefully polish my nails too (fingers and toes crossed).
I hope you have a blessed day or night depending on where you are in this wide world.

01 Apr

Caronia Art of Dance Collection Swatches and Review (Pique, Chasse, and Glissade)

Hi Gals!
Sorry for the silence the past couple of weeks. I went out of town unexpectedly and have also been dealing with some health issues. Additionally, we are gearing up for taking a trip to the US in just 2 short weeks. So, life is just a bit hectic at the moment. I have been able to do my nails a little here and there but sitting down to get a post together is a bit difficult. Despite these hurdles, life is good and I am blessed.

I’m so excited about today’s post. It’s not every day that one of our beloved Philippine brands comes out with a new polish collection. Caronia Philippines has partnered with Ballet Philippines to release three lovely shades for their new “The Art of Dance” Collection.

The polishes are all named after ballet moves. Pique is the perfect salmon pink, Chasse is a stunning royal blue, and Glissade is a gorgeous green that is SO hard to photograph accurately.

Lets get right to the swatches, shall we?

(I was unsuccessful in my attempts to capture the vibrance of this green. To get a better idea of what it looks like in person check out the poster below and see the green there.)

Aren’t they gorgeous?!?!
I used 3 coats for each of these swatches and finished off with Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat. You could probably get away with only 2 coats if you applied them carefully and waited long enough between coats to avoid any bald spots.

I would describe all three of these polishes as crellies. That means they aren’t quite as translucent as jellies but are also not as opaque as cremes. The formula was thicker than what I have experienced in the past with Caronia polishes. Application was a bit tricky due to the thicker formula. But, with a little care, it turns out beautifully! They all dry shiny, and despite having to use thicker coats than normal, they dried pretty fast. I was curious about the different consistency (and I even noted a difference in the scent), so I looked at the label and notice that Caronia has officially joined the ranks of 3-Free brands! Yay! I really hope they are able to make the full switch for all their polishes in past and future collections.


I have a hard time picking a favorite from this bunch. I love them all. They are similar to some colors in my stash, yet they are all so unique. Because they are crellies they look brighter outdoors or in bright lighting and a bit darker in lower light which is fun too, because your nails look different in the sun and indoors. I wore Chasse for several days, and it had great durability.

Suggested retail price (SRP) for this 3-piece (8ml each) set is Php99.75 ($2.22). They are also available individually for SRP Php31 ($0.69) each. A portion of the proceeds earned from “The Art of Dance” collection will be donated to Ballet Philippines’ Noordin Jumalon Scholarship Program, which supports the training of up to 200 dance scholars each year. Additionally, if you live in Luzon, your 3pc. pack just might contain a voucher for 2 free tickets to see Ballet Philippines in action.

Great quality, colors and a great cause to boot! This is a must have! Are you going to get this collection?

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great week!Hugs,
08 Mar

Caronia Lounge with Pueen Stamping

All products used were purchased by me.
All opinions are my own. 🙂

Just a quick post tonight as I’ve got to get up early to walk/jog with several friends. I’ve got a simple and easy look to share today that would be great to sport on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched! I’m submitting it for the “Stamping” theme for the N.A.I.L. – March theme.

Caronia Lounge with Pueen Stamping
I started with 3 easy coats of Caronia Lounge which is a gorgeous light green foil. I love this shade on me. Then I stamped two designs from the Pueen34 from the Pueen Love Elements set. I know FOUR-leaf clovers are typically what you see in designs for this holiday, but I went with these three-leaf designs for 2 reasons:

  1. Not everybody gets to find a four-leaf clover so this is way more realistic! Haha!
  2. I didn’t have any stamps with 4 leaf clovers and I had my heart set on stamping. 😉
I ended up with these playing card themed nails with lots of clovers to show off. I received several compliments on this look. The stamping stands out well on the light green base.
Caronia Lounge swatch

Isn’t it a lovely color?

I hope you have a great weekend. I’ve had a fun one so far!
02 Feb

Caronia Stellar and PUEEN Stamping

I’ve got a just quick post for you today. I finally got my hands on Caronia Stellar this week. It was so pretty in the bottle that I just had to put it on ASAP.

Caronia Stellar swatch

It did NOT disappoint! I used two easy coats here. The formula of Stellar was identical to Trance (check out my review). It dried quickly and it is so shiny and vibrant. It is definitely an eye-catching shade. I think it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Caronia Stellar and PUEEN Stamping

I decided to add some stamping and settled on this lace and roses image which is off of plate 27 of the PUEEN Love Elements set. I didn’t use stamping polish so the black isn’t as pigmented as I would like but I still love how they turned out.

What is your ideal Valentine Mani?

Here is hoping you have a great weekend!


26 Jan

Review of Caronia Trance and Moonlight

I’ve got not just one but TWO polishes up for review today! Both are by a local polish brand Caronia.

First up is Trance which is what I would describe as a purple foil. It is VERY shiny and oh so pretty! Those of you who have been around a while know by now that I have a special place in my heart for purple polish.

Caronia Trance swatch

I used 2 coats here. The formula was a bit thick but easy to handle. Clean up was very easy and I wore it all day without top coat and had no wear on my tips. Two thumbs up from me.

Caronia Trace swatch 2

I actually put off buying this one because I thought it was too similar to Amethyst by Chic which can be seen here. They are actually quite different. While Amethyst has glitter bits and dries to a semi-matte sort of textured finish, Trance is a foil with a shiny and smooth finish.


Next up we have Moonlight which I would describe as blue and purple shimmery duochrome glitter in a black jelly base. I’ve used two coats over Trance here because I already had it on and I wanted to make sure I had no VNL. After applying it, I think I could have gotten away without the base.

Caronia Moonlight swatch

Isn’t it pretty? I picked it up a couple of weeks ago. I had not seen this shade before and I was surprised by it. I haven’t had much experience with duochromes and multichromes. I think this would be a duochrome but I also noted gold tones in certain lighting. I could not photograph it though. If you have any tips on photographing these types of polishes, I would love to hear them.

After applying topcoat (which bubbled a bit because it had been raining for almost 2 weeks straight) I added a little Swarovski crystal accent. I purchased these from Blooming Nail Cebu.

Caronia Moonlight with Swarovski accent

Which is your pick of the two? Both of these Caronia polishes are available in department stores, grocery stores and pharmacies in the Philippines. These shades come in 8ml bottles for approximately 34.75 Philippine Pesos.

What do you think of my review post? I’m still getting the hang of describing polishes for you. I would love to hear your feed back or any suggestions of what other info to include. Please leave a comment. I hope you have a great weekend!


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