24 Feb

Bk With Stamping

I needed a pick me up mani and decided holo was the way to go. I don’t have easy access to China Glaze, Color Club or any of those fancy holos but I did find some BK Holographic polishes which I got 3 of in purple and pink shades. This one is #24 with stamping. I’ve been putting off trying a full nail stamping but when I finally sat down to try it it turned out to be pretty easy.

I hope y’all like it. First pic is in the shade.




28 Jan

Subtle Galaxy Nails

I hooked both of my younger sisters into letting me do their nails so I could catch up in the Pre-Spring Challenge. The theme for day 5 is “Sky” and I had a little bit of an extra challenge coming up with a manicure that my more… let’s call her reserved… little sister would feel comfortable wearing and was suitable for her work. I wanted to do something different but “galaxy nails” kept coming up but my sister didn’t want galaxy nails like I did a while back so I thought about a way to tone it down a bit and tried it out with some subtle colors that don’t contrast as much. I also didn’t start off with sponging white to make the colors “pop” but chose a similar color to start my nebulas. A lot of these colors are holographic or have a hint of holo so I am excited to see what they look like in the sun.


Aren’t they pretty? They are different but I think they are a great option for someone like my sister who needs a little more subtlety. The pictures don’t really do it justice. They have a holographic magic to them.
To get this look I used:
Bobbie – Weng Weng (black soft holo)
Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect – peaceful plum
BK Holographic polishes in 01 (silver) 09 (aqua blue) 11 (pinkish purple) and 21 (light pink)
Sinful Colors – Let me go
Jocarste – White
Jocarste – 49 Holographic glitter
I also used a sponge and a tiny dotting tool to add the white dots for stars after I finished sponging.
What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.
11 Jan

My first stamping!

Well folks, last week I placed an order with a local nail art supply for stamping plates. I was nervous About trying stamping because I made an order from China last year and they turned out to be duds and the images wouldn’t do anything and I had to return them and it took forever… Blah blah blah! You get the picture right? So when I received my plates yesterday I was so exited to try them out. I’m not kidding y’all. I was tearing up. Excitement level 100! So I tried one image and it worked. I tried another and IT worked too. I was so happy. So I decided to pick some colors and do my first stamping mani. I had also ordered my first holographic polishes from this supplier and was excited to try them out as well. (If you want to know where I got the stamping plates and holo polishes comment below and ask)

The base color is BK holo #11 and I stamped using Caronia black velvet. I was pleasantly surprised that this black worked like a dream. I have heard different opinions on whether or not you must use stamping polishes. So I’ve got at least one great regular polish that works great for stamping.

I love it so much. I hope you guys like it. Comment and let me know. 🙂

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