01 Jul

Girlstuff Solique UV-Glow Top Coat

Howdy folks!

I’ve got an awesome product to share with you today! Introducing the new and amazing Girlstuff Solique UV-Glow Top Coat!

Girlstuff UV-Glow Solique Topcoat Swatch

How great is this topcoat? One easy coat of this and your nails will glow under any blacklight/UV light! The closer you are to the light source, the brighter the glow. So much fun, right?

Girlstuff Chill Gradient

This is what these nails look like in regular lighting. You can wear this as a topcoat over any polish or you could even wear this alone as a protective clear coat and still enjoy the glow under a blacklight.

Since this long-lasting topcoat is part of Girlstuff’s growing Solique Gel Polish line, you might want to check out my full review on the Solique Gel Polish line so you can see what you can expect from this Solique topcoat.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this product and I know you will too. Here’s a short video I took so you can see the glow in action!

Isn’t that great? This Solique UV-Glow Top Coat polish retails for Php 200 and can be purchased at one of the Girlstuff kiosks or directly from Girlstuff Forever. Check out Girlstuff on their website or Facebook to purchase your own Girlstuff polishes.

I hope your weekend is a fun as this top coat! Keep smiling!


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