25 Sep

Swatches of CND Vinylux Rouge Red and Rock Royalty 

Hello lovely ladies!

I’ve got a couple of swatches to show you today from the CND Summer Brights Collection. Even though these are part of a summer collection, Rouge Red would totally work for the Christmas season and Rock Royalty would be a bit hit in the fall. Here we go!

Rouge Red

CND Vinylux Rouge Red swatch

Let’s start with my favorite of the two. Rouge Red is a crelly and, in my opinion, is The. Perfect. Vintage. Red! When I put it on my nails I thought the color looked like something straight out of a vintage nail polish ad. Do you agree? I used two coats. In the image above you can see a little VNL (visible nail line), but I didn’t notice it at all in real life.

 Rock Royalty

CND Vinylux Rock Royalty Swatch

Next up is Rock Royalty which is a gorgeous dark purple creme that has teeny tiny blue and pink flecks mixed in so it has a lovely glow to it. I LOVE wearing purple on my nails. Rock Royalty made me very, very happy. This is another two-coater.

CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes feature  CND’s “ProLight technology” which is designed to increase the durability of the top coat with exposure to natural light. These polishes are awesome. They are very durable and dry quickly. Read my original review and check out my 7-day wear photos to learn more.

If you are interested in investing in your own CND Vinylux Weekly Polish or trying them out on your next mani/pedi  spa day, you can get in touch with CND Philippines @cnd_ph on Instagram and Twitter or at CDNPhilippines on Facebook to order or to find a salon near you.

Which is your favorite of the two? Purple and red are my two favorite shades to wear on my nails so both of these are winners to me.

Thanks for reading and for sticking around even though my posts have been kinda sporadic the past few months. I have still been doing my nails but blogging is on the back burner most days as I have my hands quite full with my precocious  6-year-old and my imaginative 4-year-old that I home-school. Family first! But I thank you for your patience.

I hope you are having a fabulous week and that you get to make someone smile today.


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