13 Feb

#Mynailsandmydress and Cebu Bloggers Society Turns 7

Hi gals,

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Any big plans this weekend? I’ve got a couple of things happening but more on that later. Today I’ve done some nails based on some details from a dress of mine. I don’t always match my nails to my clothes. But when I do it is awesome!

MJXXVI Stamping

For this look I started with my go-to pigmented-but-a-pain-to-apply-white (Yeah, I need to find a white I actually love). Then I stamped using Girlstuff Blues an awesome design from the MJXXVI plate sent to me by My Online Shop. As I expected, this plate stamped beautifully. I love that we have high-quality plates available locally. Meann also sells the squishy white stamper that will make stamping a dream.

My nails and my dres

I bought a gorgeous party dress this week at a little boutique here in Cebu called Best Finds Thriftshop.  I plan on wearing this dress to a Valentine’s dinner tomorrow night. We have some games planned and a potluck dinner. There will be baby sitting, so no interruptions. Yay!cbsi7

I’m also going to a blogger get together on Sunday night. The Cebu Bloggers Society is celebrating it’s 7th founding anniversary, and they have invited members to get together to celebrate. I just recently joined the Cebu Bloggers Society. I don’t get to go to many events because  what I actually blog about is very limited, but I’m still proud to be a member of a group of bloggers dedicated to making our city and our world a better place both from behind the computer or as we go about our daily lives. I love how bloggers across the board can, in their own ways, promote local companies and brands and especially come together and use social media to inspire people to be better and to help in times of crisis.  I look forward to meeting all the new faces. The Cebu City Marriot Hotel is graciously providing a venue for the bloggers of Cebu to come together and get to know one another better. I’m looking forward to it!

No matter what you are up to this weekend, I hope you have a lovely time doing it. Make someone smile!


10 Feb

Barbie’s Ultimate Valentine’s Date Night Nails (Featuring Girlstuff I Love You)

Hey ladies!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, while I’m not a sucker for the commercial side of the holiday, I do enjoy seeing the heart decorations, and I like to make my hubby a little something sweet to eat and maybe an extra nice dinner at home. He has hinted at a fun surprise in the works for me this year so I’m excited about that. I know there IS polish involved, so I am sure I’ll be pleased.

Do you like the title of this post? What I’m sharing with you tonight has to be the girliest of all the girly manicures my digits have ever sported! I can totally see Barbie showing these off at a Valentine’s date night with Ken. I have received a ton of compliments on these nails. They are very fun to wear.

Girlstuff I Love You

I started with two coats of Girlstuff Pink Lemonade, which is a hot pink creme from their Summer 2014 collection. It is a vibrant, eye catching color on its own. I added one coat of I ♥ U from their Confetti Collection. This is a perfect glitter topper for Valentine’s Day or any time you want something sweet and girly. The hearts took a bit of work to fish out, but it wasn’t difficult and the payoff with the rest of the glitter mix was great with just one coat. The hearts are small enough that they don’t stick out awkwardly on my very curved nails. I always hate it when I put glitter shapes on my nails and they stick out oddly and tempt me to pick them off my nails. One coat of Girlstuff Fast Dry Top Coat (more on this amazing new product later) and I was good to go. I have been sporting these for 5 days now and they still look fabulous. I love when polish wears well despite my daily chores and such.

Here is my swatch of Girl Stuff Pink Lemonade on its own. So pretty!

Girlstuff Pink Lemonade Swatch

Girlstuff is a cruelty free brand, and their polishes are all 5 free and safe for little ones and pregnant women as well. Check out their Website or find them on Facebook to find out how to get your own.

I hope you have a great week and that you get to make someone smile today. You are fabulous!


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