01 Oct

SanSan Tea Rose with Foil and Stripes

Hello, fabulous people!

I have had migraines showing up and ruining my plans for posting.  After I started feeling better, I got so involved at home doing school with my two little ones, just having fun, and trying to slow time down to enjoy them longer. I love being a mom. Anyhooo…  I am happy to be able to post something this evening. I’ve been excited to share it for a while.

Sometimes I like to go out of my comfort zone with nail art. Especially when I see a design by someone else and think “I could barely probably pull off that look.” I saw this look by Haus Of Lacquer on their Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I really liked it, so I put my own spin on it.

SanSan Tea Rose (bottle shot)

I filed my nails more pointy than usual and started with two coats of SanSan Tea Rose. I love this polish! It’s a light-pink jelly with a pretty shimmer to it.  Then I used clear coat to add some silver foil and applied a topcoat. When that dried, I used a striping brush and black acrylic paint to add the lines. Cool huh? I imagine this style on a chic business woman. It’s classy but still edgy, and it totally reeks of self-confidence! I really enjoyed wearing these.

SanSan Tea Rose with Foil and Stripes

Do you follow any Instagram accounts for nail art ideas? Please share your favorites for me to check out. I always love finding fellow addicts new inspiration! I’m on Instagram too if you want to pop over and follow me.

Have a wonderful day/evening!

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