10 Sep

The Nailinator Gets a Makeover!


Hello from my new site!

I have been wanting to update my blog look for a long while now, and Mr. Nailinatorgood-looking, tech-savvy man that he issaid he would do it for me if I could just tell him what I had in mind. So he has been working hard in his spare time making my vague dreams a reality. Thanks again, honey!

Goodbye old, cramped spaces! Hello clean, fresh look. I need feedback people! Do you like it?

Also check out my web address! I waited for over a year for thenailinator (dot) com to be available because someone had just bought it when I went to buy it last July. We saw that the owner renewed it a couple of months ago, so Mr. Nailinator got me the .xyz which (according to him) is the new .com. We’ll see about that. Anyhooo…the people with the .com refused to give it up despite them not even using it at all for over a year now. They said they had future plans for it. Well, good luck with that because I already have all the social media accounts for The Nailinator.

Speaking of social media, would you just look at those adorable nail polish bottle buttons my man made for me!?!?! Just look at them! Aren’t they adorable? Click on them and check out my social media accounts and please do sign up for email notifications if you haven’t already.

I hope you love the new look as much as I do. Have a great week!


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