14 Mar

Nebula Nails with L.A. Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion

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Hi Ladies,

I’m sharing a look that I’ve featured before (In fact I’ve done a tutorial for it too.) but I’ve gone with an all green theme this time. Behold…

Nebula nails over L.A. Girl 3D Effects Black Illusion

Aren’t they pretty? I think Galaxy/Nebula nails are in my top 3 favorite looks for nail art. I love them more each time I do them. I’ve seen some pastel versions of nebula nails floating around and I’m planning to try that soon. I try mix it up a bit each time I do them. This time, as I mentioned, I’ve gone with an all green look and I’ve used L.A. Girl 3D Effects in Black Illusion as my base. LOVE! I swatched it before but I’ve swatched it again and it looks great with my newer nail shape. Every time I wear these 3D Effects polishes I’m reminded that I absolutely NEED the others in the collection! They look amazing and dry super fast too. L.A. Girl Cosmetics, I’ll probably be placing an order in April/May.

L.A. Girl 3d Effects Black Illusion swatch

If you love these then why not check out my tutorial. It’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t require much precision. Indeed, I had 3 cups of coffee and an hour of sleep the night before and I was shaking like crazy when I did these. Ha! You can totally do it!!

I hope you have a stellar day. (See what I did there?)

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