28 Oct

Girlstuff Lov Lav with Double Stamping

I’ve got a Halloween inspired look for you today. I sat down with black, purple, green and orange and thought I had decided what to do for some skittles. After I set to work though, I decided on a simpler more classy look and I really like what I came up with.

I started with 3 thin coats of Oh My Golly Hematite on my pinky and 2 coats of Girl Stuff Lov Lav on the others. I stamped with Oh My Golly Purple Passion and then black stamping polish. I used my brand new Fun stamping plate 8 by Fab Ur Nails that I won in a giveaway (I got Lov Lav and the stamping polish in the giveaway too. I’ll have a post about that soon) The Stamping plate worked like a charm.

While I was surveying the finished product I could not help but be reminded of the Wraith hive ships in Stargate Atlantis. Anyone out there get that vibe too? I think it could also pass for some spider webs.

I hope you are having a great start to the week.

6 thoughts on “Girlstuff Lov Lav with Double Stamping

    • So far I have used several Oh My Golly shades as they are quite pigmented. My pick for black is Chic Black and white is Jocarste White. I have used Color Club halo hues with success too. Check out my posts categorized as stamping and see which colors I have used so far. 🙂

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