24 Aug

ORLY Witch’s Blue

If you follow me on my Facebook page on on Instagram then you have already seen a sneak peek of this stunning blue from ORLY. Witch’s Blue has great formula and was so easy to apply and clean up. I have done my share of mumbling under my breath trying to clean up around the cuticles after using a dark color but there was no mumbling with this baby!

Here, I’m wearing it with a gold glitter I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu. 

Isn’t it just lovely? I can’t really decide if I like it more with or without the glitter as they are both so pretty.

I’ve got to tell you that I’m considering starting a “Fail at this Friday” feature where I can showcase how hard I fail at certain things… like one stroke flowers! I want to do stunning one stroke flowers so badly but, although I have worked with paint brushes and acrylic paints a lot, the one stroke technique is just not working for me. I had dreamed up how gorgeous white and yellow flowers would look against this blue. But no matter how I tried, I failed at it. Is there any nail art technique that you could submit for a “Fail at this Friday” feature?

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