14 Aug

Guest Post and Tutorial for The Bubbly Brunette

Hi everyone!

Today I’ve got a special treat for you. I’ve done a guest post for Christina, a.k.a. The Bubbly Brunette, and it’s not just any old guest post. I’ve done my very first tutorial for one of my favorite and most complimented designs ever!

You may have already seen the galaxy nails that I featured in my very first blog post. They were such a hit with all my friends and family that I was inspired to take the plunge and start a blog to share my nail art hobby obsession.

Christina commented on my first post way back in January saying that she thought these nails were great and that someday she would try and recreate the look. So I thought doing a simple tutorial for them would be perfect. If you want some some STELLAR (pun absolutely intended) nails too, then the tutorial is just a click away. Please hop on over there and show Christina some love too. She has a ton of great swatches and some adorable nail art.

I would LOVE to see pictures if you decide to recreate these. Please do share them with me via Facebook, Instagram, email, or with a link in the comments.

Have a fantastic day and I’ll see you again soon!


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