10 Jul

Metallic Purple

Today we’ve got “Metallic” as our theme. These are my first try at using nail foils. (I’ve gotten a lot of first tries in recently haven’t I?) The colors didn’t show up as well as I had hoped but that’s due to my dark base color choice I think.

I started off with two coats of Oh My Golly Purple Passion and then did a dashed design with the glue that I had that worked the best at picking up the awesomeness of the foil. I used the #22 foil that was sent to me by Blooming Nail Cebu. I do not have any of the special glue used for foils which is why I tried out the different glues I had here at home. I’ve been told since that you can use polish to transfer the foil so I will definitely try that next time. What do you think of this?

Have a great day ladies!

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