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Blooming Nail Cebu

Hello there!                                                                                                                        (Update: April 2015)

I’ve decided to come back and update this post since it still gets so many hits and inquiries.

I don’t know why, but  sometime last year, Blooming Nail decided to change their brand name to Hokee. They still operate out of LJ Cosmetics store in APM Shopping Center by SM Cebu. Their prices and inventory are the same. The only thing they’ve changed is their name.

You can find them online on Facebook and Instagram. You can order online via FB.

I’ve taken a snap shot on Google maps of their place near SM. I dropped a pin on the location of LJ Cosmetics in the shopping center.  I hope it helps those of you on the search for nail art supplies.

LJ Cosmetics Location


Original post starts here:

Attention nail art enthusiasts of the Philippines! (Cebu City especially!)

When I started getting into nail art I looked and looked all over this crazy city for a place that sold supplies locally and I even checked online (Multiply, FB, Cebu Classifieds, Etc.) and had no luck at all. I’ve had to order stuff from the US or China and wait for weeks for it to arrive. Not any more my dears!

I was doing my periodic check online about 3 weeks ago and happened upon a Facebook page called Blooming Nail Cebu. My jaw dropped and then I may or may not have squealed out loud and jumped up and down giddy with excitement. They have TWO stores in Cebu that are beauty supply stores that have a new selection of nail art supplies by Blooming Nail Cebu. One is in Colonnade Mall and the other is in the APM Mall near SM. The Shutterbug and I dropped by the one in APM and we had to control ourselves. I haven’t ever seen so much nail stuff in one place before! I was able to get nail glue in a brush bottle, fimo slices, water decals, stickers, polish, flocking powder, foils and most impressive of all, they had a serious collection of metal studs! Barato pa! I will be doing some reviews on the items I purchased there but I also recieved a message about a week ago from Blooming Nail Cebu asking me if they could send me some products to review as well. How could I say no? Here is what they sent me. Thank you Blooming Nail Cebu!

I received these items this week in the mail and I’m quite excited about trying them out. They sent me embossed stickers, water decals, small square studs, Swarovski crystals, foils, flocking powder, striping tape, round glitter pieces, and a new kind of stamping thing I’ve never seen before. Very nice! I hope those of you in the Philippines, especially in Cebu, will check out their FB page or better yet, drop by and see their selection in person. I know from their Facebook page that they accept wholesale orders and will ship! Enjoy!

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    • Hi there. You can check them out on their FB page to see what stamping stuff they have. Send them a message directly on FB to inquire. You can also text them thru 09178000995 and let them know what products you are interested in.

  1. Is blooming nail still open? I tried searching on fb but im not getting any results 🙁 i really want to buy nail decals and foils

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