04 Jul

Black Dragons

Hello ladies!
I’m back with another entry for the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway hosted by Craftynail, Brijit’s Digits and Eeeek Nail Polish! Day 4 is black and white and I am here with my first experience using nail water decals.

I purchased these full nail water decals from Meann of MyOnline Shop. These came in a package of 12 decals which means there are just enough for one full manicure with two extras for using as an accent nail in a later manicure if you feel so inclined. Not bad for 20 pesos! Yep, just 20 pesos for the pack! That’s not even $0.50 folks!

I had never watched any tutorials on how to apply water decals but I had seen pictures. I misunderstood and thought that these would be extremely thin like a temporary tattoo and would need a base color. I was wrong. Turns out though that the way they work is, after lining them up properly you are supposed to apply clear coat and it melts the decal and you can pull off any excess hanging off the nail gently with a toothpick. If you look closely (Please don’t! Ha!) you can notice I was still getting the hang of it and messed up the tips a bit by pulling off the excess a little too roughly. They still looked great though and were fun to wear. I worked really hard all day cleaning house and there was no damage to the decals from my working. I’m impressed. I have two more sets of decals I’m eager to try. Go visit Meann’s shop and get some for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Tell me what you think. 🙂

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