22 Apr

Wishful Flowers

A local nail product company called Wish has these adorable nail stickers that I got and decided to try for my floral mani for Short and Sweet in Texas’ Nail challenge for today. Consider this my review of this product.

I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and then I carefull added my stickers to my thumb nails and accent nails. They looked so cute. Then I added topcoat and then they were not so cute! They have shriveled up on the ends and although they stuck well to the still tacky polish they are not laying flat. I’m so disappointed. A second coat of topcoat helped a bit but these don’t live up to my expectations. I need to get my hands on some water decals. Oh well, on to tomorrows mani. It more than makes up for this let down!

20 Apr

Framed mani

I tried my hand today at a framed mani for Short and Sweet in TexasNail Challenge and I think it turned out pretty cool. I used two coats of Caronia On the Go and used black acrylic paint and a Striper to paint the outline.

You can get an idea of how curved my nails are if you take note of how thin the lines on the sides look from straight on but compare that to the side shot and you can see the lines are in fact quite thick.

Anyway, I love this color so much. I’ve got two backup bottles and so does The Shutterbug believe it or not!

What do you think of this look?

19 Apr


Before I get to the good stuff I want to point out that I’ve made a few changes to my blog. Well, my wonderful tech savvy hubby is really the one who made the changes for me. Anyway, I’ve got a nice pretty bloglovin button and a brand spankin’ new FB page with a button to visit and like me there. I hope you guys will consider following me if you aren’t already. 🙂

Now on to the nails!

Day 19 of Short and Sweet in TexasNail Challenge is Glitter and I enlisted The Shutterbug for this one since she is quite the glitter addict. I used two polishes from Oh My Golly’s liquid crystal collection. The green is Peridot and the purple is Opal. I started with two coats of Peridot then did my sponging. Then I took my black striper and added the lines. I think it turned out really cool. What do you all think? The Shutterbug said these would be perfect for a Masquerade.



Here are the nails before I added the stripes.
18 Apr

Sugar spun Hematite

Today’s mani for Short and Sweet in Texas’ Challenge is Sugar spun. I’ve only ever done this once before and it’s pretty simple to do and very cool looking.
The first picture is with topcoat and I also posted a pic with just an accent nail and the polish by itself. This is Oh My Golly’s Hematite from their liquid crystal collection. (another of those 44 cent textured polishes)

Isn’t it cool?

PS. I added a link on my sidebar for following me on Bloglovin. click click click if you are interested! 🙂 Thanks folks!

17 Apr

3D Flowers

Woohoo! Look at me! Posting two of Short and Sweet in Texasnail challenges in a row. On the correct day no less! I’m proud of myself. I’m getting to feeling better and I enlisted the help of my other sister (We’ll be calling her “The Bookworm since she is definitely a book lover). I’m not a huge fan of 3d nail art so I don’t have anything but rhinestones in that department so I decided to do something with those. (I’m hoping to get my hands on some metal studs soon)

The Bookworm also needed work appropriate nails and she likes softer colors so we started off with two coats of Caronia – First Crush and then I added the rhinestones and put topcoat on very slowly. I saw a tutorial a while back by Robin Moses where she mentioned going very slowly over rhinestones with topcoat helps with bubbling and I have to say it was the best experience I’ve had so far with topcoat over rhinestones. 🙂 Thank you Robin Moses!
I hope y’all like this feminine look. Have a fabulous day!

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