20 Apr

Framed mani

I tried my hand today at a framed mani for Short and Sweet in TexasNail Challenge and I think it turned out pretty cool. I used two coats of Caronia On the Go and used black acrylic paint and a Striper to paint the outline.

You can get an idea of how curved my nails are if you take note of how thin the lines on the sides look from straight on but compare that to the side shot and you can see the lines are in fact quite thick.

Anyway, I love this color so much. I’ve got two backup bottles and so does The Shutterbug believe it or not!

What do you think of this look?

9 thoughts on “Framed mani

  1. This looks hot! I did mine the other way- I painted my base color on the whole nail… then I painted the inside color but didn’t brush the color on all the way- so it left a border on the sides. To finish it then I painted my tips with my first border color.. kinda like how you do a french manicure.
    It’s cool that we had the same results- but used two different techniques!

    • Thanks Jacqui! Yours turned out great too! My sister suggested both methods to me since she watched a tutorial on it and I decided to try acrylic paint this way so I could take it off if it was an absolute wreck!

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