15 Mar

Saran Wrap Take 2

I noticed I have been migrating towards darker colors lately so decided to change it up a bit with a bright pink and silver mani. I started with two coats of silver and let it try. Then I came in with pink and did one thick coat and took some wadded up Saran Wrap and dabbed at it. This is the second time I’ve done this technique and this time I used tape around my cuticles. Let me tell ya, I WON’T be doing anything like this again without tape around my cuticles! Cleanup was a breeze! I hope y’all like this. It’s very interesting to look at. I love it.

To get this look I used:
Jocarste – 26 (silver)
Oh My Golly – Bikini
Saran Wrap

Ps. The Craftynail told us last week that she protects her work area with old calendar pages which is what I did this time and I’m so happy I did. Thanks for the suggestion Craftynail! 🙂

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