18 Mar


I encountered some serious creative blocks this week which was extremely frustrating. I had the house cleaned, kids in bed on time, nails prepped and… nothing! I couldn’t come up with anything. :/ Meh! So I spent a long time looking at my stash, tools and I even raided my sister’s stash and finally came up with this mani.

This is 2 coats of BK Holo 18 (gold)with Bichun A21 (purple)sponged on the tips. As you can see, I had much better success than my previous attempt at sponging. This actually looks really pretty and the cheapo kitchen sponge I used worked much better than the makeup sponges I’ve used in the past. After I finished my sponging I took my striper brush and used the purple to add stripes to the accent nail. I think it looks great. Someone told me they look like they were inspired by Cadbury Chocolates. What do you think?

Indoor warm white light
Direct sunlight

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