22 Mar

Accidental Fairy Princess

When I ordered my first Kleancolors, the purple chunky holo was the first to catch my eye. Looking at the bottle I wasn’t sure what color to use as a base and went for a pastel purple hoping it would still let the holo’s base color show through. What I ended up with was pretty but extremely girly. Like I kept thinking, these look like what one would find on fairy princess’ nails. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not exactly my style. So while the end result was really pretty and sparkly, it was too much for me… Especially considering that I had to make an appearance the next day at a government office. So here are my extra girly fairy princess nails. The underwear on this is one coat of Caronia First Crush and the reddish sparklies showed up a lot more IRL. Next time around I will definitely be trying it with a deeper color for underwear.
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