27 Mar


I tried to publish this the other day and I just discovered that it didn’t work. Oops! I’m still here. Just had a technical problem. We just got back from a trip out of town with a bunch of friends. We had a blast!

I have seen several manicures like this and never gave it a try until now. I just grabbed some colors I thought looked pretty and gave it a go. After applying two coats of the purple, I used the bottle brush in Mint Sorbet and did three strokes to make the ruffle look, then added the pink. I did have some issues with opacity especially the pink which is unfortunate. But I think it looks cute. What do you think?
To get this look I used:
Sinful colors – Amethyst
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
L.a. Colors – Raspberry


22 Mar

Accidental Fairy Princess

When I ordered my first Kleancolors, the purple chunky holo was the first to catch my eye. Looking at the bottle I wasn’t sure what color to use as a base and went for a pastel purple hoping it would still let the holo’s base color show through. What I ended up with was pretty but extremely girly. Like I kept thinking, these look like what one would find on fairy princess’ nails. Anyone who knows me knows that’s not exactly my style. So while the end result was really pretty and sparkly, it was too much for me… Especially considering that I had to make an appearance the next day at a government office. So here are my extra girly fairy princess nails. The underwear on this is one coat of Caronia First Crush and the reddish sparklies showed up a lot more IRL. Next time around I will definitely be trying it with a deeper color for underwear.
What do you think?


18 Mar


I encountered some serious creative blocks this week which was extremely frustrating. I had the house cleaned, kids in bed on time, nails prepped and… nothing! I couldn’t come up with anything. :/ Meh! So I spent a long time looking at my stash, tools and I even raided my sister’s stash and finally came up with this mani.

This is 2 coats of BK Holo 18 (gold)with Bichun A21 (purple)sponged on the tips. As you can see, I had much better success than my previous attempt at sponging. This actually looks really pretty and the cheapo kitchen sponge I used worked much better than the makeup sponges I’ve used in the past. After I finished my sponging I took my striper brush and used the purple to add stripes to the accent nail. I think it looks great. Someone told me they look like they were inspired by Cadbury Chocolates. What do you think?

Indoor warm white light
Direct sunlight
15 Mar

The Versatile Blogger Award

Something a little out of the ordinary for you this evening.

I’m a little late in posting this as I was nominated by two lovely ladies, Eeeek! Nail Polish! and Ribbons and Ropes, back in February for The Versatile Blogger award but I was having a rough time in the health department at the time. I was so excited about the award and am finally done with my nominations and 7 facts about myself. The rules are nominate 15 blogs that are relatively new and share 7 facts about yourself. My nominations are as follows.

9 to 5 Nails
Crafty Nails
Brijits Digits
The Bubbly Brunette
Short and Sweet in Texas
Flight of Whimsy
 Nail art for fun
Adventures in Nails
Nails for All
Lekker Lacquer
Lovingly Laquered
Crazy Polishes
Fall in Nail Love

This one isn’t polish related but from what I understand this nomination can be for any new blog.

Cuttin’ it up with Amy

So now I’m supposed to share 7 interesting facts about myself. I will share some facts and let you decide for yourself if they are interesting or not. :/

1. I know how to drive but I absolutely loathe driving. It’s not easy to drive in this country and I’m thankful my husband is willing to drive us around when we need to go out.
2. My husband and I spent most of our courtship apart from each other.
3. I am a perfectionist that has an inferiority complex which makes life tough at times.
4. I’ve got two wonderful kids. A genius 4 year old boy and a personality-packed 1 1/2 year old girl. They bring me so much joy.
5. I spend most of my free time creating things. Nail art, painting, sewing, cross stitching, crafting, photography, cards and the like. I’m a very nostalgic person and I like to think I’m pretty resourceful with all the DIYs.
6.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the decorations, the lights, the carols and everything. When we are stateside, I also LOVE the cooler weather around the holidays.
7. I haven’t posted anything about my blog on my FB or anything like that because I’m worried what some of my friends and family might think about my hobby being nail art. Yeah, everyone that knows about my fear tells me I’m crazy but I still worry. I’m working up the courage to do it. Anyway, I LOVE doing nails. It’s a lot of fun.

So that’s it! Now you know a bit more about me and you know some of the blogs that I love reading and get some inspiration from. Check them out if you have the time and show some love to all these talented ladies!

Thanks again Eeeek! and Ribbons and Ropes. I am honored. 🙂


15 Mar

Saran Wrap Take 2

I noticed I have been migrating towards darker colors lately so decided to change it up a bit with a bright pink and silver mani. I started with two coats of silver and let it try. Then I came in with pink and did one thick coat and took some wadded up Saran Wrap and dabbed at it. This is the second time I’ve done this technique and this time I used tape around my cuticles. Let me tell ya, I WON’T be doing anything like this again without tape around my cuticles! Cleanup was a breeze! I hope y’all like this. It’s very interesting to look at. I love it.

To get this look I used:
Jocarste – 26 (silver)
Oh My Golly – Bikini
Saran Wrap

Ps. The Craftynail told us last week that she protects her work area with old calendar pages which is what I did this time and I’m so happy I did. Thanks for the suggestion Craftynail! 🙂

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