03 Feb

Rhinestones galore!

I can’t believe we’ve made it to the last day of the Pre-Spring Challenge! Day 14 is “Recreate” so I’m recreating a favorite look from the other challenge participants. Eeeek Nail Polish submitted this for our “Jewelry” theme and it is just stunning as have been all her manis! Check out her blog here!

I went with a dark plum color so mine would be a bit different. I used rhinestones from born pretty store and the top coat fuzzed a bit but it is still glittery and pretty! My nails aren’t as long so the spacing does look the same but I think they turned out quite nice. I am proud of myself for doing a good job with even spacing. It’s pretty and I received several compliments on it today. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad I was able to participate in this challenge with these ladies! Everyone did a grey job! thank you Mommy Loves Polish and Polish Alcoholic for hosting this challenge. ! Check out all the manicures! My next challenge for myself will be to make my light box and up the quality of pics!

For my version, I used
24k – Raspberry
BPS Rhinestones

02 Feb

Harlequin Hardware goes horribly and hilariously wrong.

Day 13 is “sponging” in the Pre-Spring Challenge and while my victim may not completely agree with me, in my mind this was my first epic fail art. My sister-in-law offered to let me try out my idea on her nails. She has absolutely gorgeous nails and I was excited to try out this tutorial. Unfortunately I didn’t have quite the right shades of pink and my makeup sponge was not cooperating which confused me because I have done several gradients with these same sponges. I had a tough time getting the gradient to work right and when I went to add gold tips with my metallic acrylic paint… well, lets just say it was bad, folks. πŸ™ Perhaps if I had a gold polish it would have worked better. The good thing about it all was that, since I used acrylic paint, I was able to use a cotton ball and alcohol to remove the gold.

Perhaps we can call it a sponged ruffian mani? *Looks hopeful but doubtful*

Anyway, my sweet SIL has a weird side that loves to watch creepy movies and stuff like that so she said she really liked it anyway because it reminds her of bloody zombie nails. Definitely not what I was going for but I’m glad she is happy. I just don’t love because I had my heart set on the gorgeous mani in the tutorial.

What about you? Do you love it or hate it? Any specific type of sponge you recommend for sponging?

For this mani I used:
Oh My Golly – Bikini
Jocarste – #36 Light pink

01 Feb


Day 12 of the Pre-Spring Challenge is “stripes” so I came up with this very simple yet elegant mani with a touch of flair. I picked a dark color with a silver undertone and used my silver striper to add two stripes, offset just a bit, down each nail. I think I looks great. These pictures don’t really capture just how gorgeous this blue is. I’m still figuring out a better setup for taking great pictures. I usually prefer to take them outdoors but sometimes the weather does not cooperate. I hope you enjoy these. Please leave a comment if you do. πŸ™‚

I think this is a work friendly look.


For this look I used
Chic – Blue Velvet (deep blue)
Kids nail art Striper – Silver Glitter

31 Jan

Buried treasure

Day 11 of the Pre-Spring Challenge is “beach”.

This manicure was pretty easy actually. I tried the tape method used hereΒ the index finger which is supposed to be a nautical pattern (makes me think of old school bathing suits) and I used bits of striping tape for the treasure map on the middle finger. The ring finger is supposed to be sand glittering in the water and obviously the pinky is an anchor.

The colors I used were:
Sinful colors – nirvana
Sinful colors – Why not
Chic – silky white
Chic – Pure gold
NYC – sidewalkers (grey)
Scotch tape, dotting tool and a small paintbrush

31 Jan

I Scream for Ice Scream!

Day 10 of the Pre-Spring Challenge has “Ice cream” as it’s theme. I am still lovin my rainbow nails from yesterday so I asked my youngest sister to let me do hers again. I wanted to do each nail a bit differently and do several kinds of ice cream. I did the thumbs like cones and the rest of the nails are each different.

Starting from left pinky we have chocolate marble, cherry on whipped cream, mint chocolate chip, chocolate with sprinkles, cookies and cream, strawberry with chocolate fudge, Neapolitan and vanilla with sprinkles. πŸ™‚

I used the following to achieve this look:
Bobbie – Touch of Beige
Sally Hansen hard as nails – Fireball Red
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Mint Sorbet
Oh My Golly – Demure
Oh my Golly – First Date
Caronia – On the Go
Caronia – First Crush
Jocarste – White 56
Sinful Colors – Nirvana
Klik – Mango Shake
Dark brown acrylic paint
Striper, large and small dotting tool, small paint brush

What do you think?

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