10 Dec

Holy Holo Glitter Placement Nails

Hi beauties! Allow me to present to you my first glitter placement mani and I promise you that this WON’T be the last!

Holo Glitter Placement Nails
Holo Glitter nails and jar

Let’s get straight into it, shall we? I used one medium coat of Color Club Harp On It as my base and then I just started adding silver holo glitter pieces that I purchased from Blooming Nail Cebu. I used an orange wood stick to apply the glitter and used clear coat when the polish got too dry for the glitter pieces to stick. I topped it off with 2 coats of topcoat. Don’t look too closely at my placement or you will notice my mistakes. I didn’t even notice them until I saw the pictures. I guess I was just blinded by holo rainbows from Harp On It. Anyway, just enjoy all the sparklies!

Holo Glitter over Color Club Harp On It

It took a bit of time to finish all 10 nails but it was a very easy look to achieve. Just add glitter! It is soooo sparkly and fun to wear. I think it is perfect for a party or perhaps to welcome the New Year. I thought I would only want to wear it a while because it is so flashy but it is growing on me. I wore these to the Best Cebu Blog Awards night on Saturday. I didn’t win in my category but all the winners are very deserving. I still feel like a winner and am honored to have been nominated and to have made it as a finalist. The organizers of the event did a great job and I had a great time. It was fun to meet more bloggers from Cebu. Thank you to everyone who voted for me and who have made this a great first year so far. Y’all rock!

Have a great week!

7 thoughts on “Holy Holo Glitter Placement Nails

  1. Oh my! I can actually do this design! Thanks for sending me those glitters!!!! LOVE IT.
    What a great mani to wear to the award ceremony- you really got to show them your stuff. In a way, I’d be secretly relieved if I was you…. because if i won and they put a mic in my hand I would freak out, start hyperventilating, and my voice would fail me!

  2. Lol! Jacqui that is exactly how I felt. It was thrilled to make the finals but I did start to freak out every time I thought about the possibility of them calling my name and having to say something. :O I’m better behind the keyboard.

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