22 Jul

Delicate Stamping

Today I’ve got a quick post for you as I’ve got a million things to do before bed. :/ The theme for today is “stamping”. I love me some stamping.

I think this would be a pretty wedding manicure. Don’t you? I started with two coats of Jocarste 28 which is a metallic pink and then stamped with Jocarste White using an image on the MJ plate #8 which was sent to me by the lovely Meann of MyOnline Shop. I think it’s lovely and enjoyed wearing it for the past FIVE days. Yeah, you know I’ve been way too busy when I wear a look for 5 days! Ha!

I hope you ladies had a great weekend!

19 Jul

Montana Glitter

Day 19 of the Rather Awesome 31 Day Nail Challenge Giveaway is here! Glitter! I love glitter so much. I’ve got a very simple but pretty look which has some sparkle. I started with two coats of Chic Montana from their Grainy collection and then Jocarste holographic glitter using the bottle brush to add glitter to the base of my nails. (and forgot to add topcoat before taking pics :O) I had a hard time photographing these and they looked much prettier IRL. I’ve got a fuzzy pic so you can get an idea of the sparkle.

I got word from The Shutterbug that she has started on my wishlist of polishes to buy for me while she is in the US. She found Sally Hansen Golden-I and Sinful Colors Easy Going. 🙂 I’m excited. Does anyone know where she can pick up a couple of LA Girl 3d Effects in a store in Texas? I know I can get them online if she can’t get them but I only wanted Sparkle Ruby and Brilliant Blue.

I hope y’all have a great day!

17 Jul

Crazy Tribal Nails

Howdy folks! I hope you are having a great week. It’s been a crazy busy one here in Nailinatorville. I’ve been cleaning and cleaning and the children have so kindly been providing me with more and more to clean up. Meh!

Anyway, on to the good stuff. The Rather Awesome 31 Day Nail Challenge is halfway done! I can’t believe it! It’s not too late to join if you want to. The ladies participating are very talented and super sweet! I love the support the nail art community has for one another. Keep it up gals! I’ve been having fun coming up with designs and I’ve got some great ones for the next couple of weeks so stick around. Day 17’s theme is “gradient” I decided to go with a look I’m personally on the fence about. I saw this mani by Finger Painted a month or so ago and was simply amazed at the awesomeness of it. I knew I wanted to try something like it and so I tried my hand at something similar. While I didn’t copy it exactly it is similar in patterns and bold colors. What do you think?

Please excuse the pitiful pictures. :/
I’ve had a great reaction to these nails but I’m just not 100% sure it’s for me. Know what I mean? I think I could rock this if I stick to just one color combo and tribal prints. This is more the style for The Shutterbug who absolutely loves these. I think she would prefer them in trueneons which I just couldn’t bring myself to use. 🙂 Would you wear these? Have you done any nail art that you feel isn’t really you but you would love it on someone else?

Things needed for this mani:
A daring I’m-going-to-try-something-crazy attitude.
Lots of polishes. I used the following.
Thumb – Oh My Golly Mojito and Klik Mango Shake
Index finger – Klik Ube Shake and Jewel
Middle Finger – Oh My Golly Jive and Klik Lazy Pink
Ring Finger – Klik Navy Blue and Baby Blue
Pinky – Oh My Golly Mojito and Klik Neon Purple
Makeup sponge
Black acrylic paint
Striping brush and detail brush


15 Jul

Hearts Galore!

Day 15 of the Rather Awesome 31 day Challenge Giveaway is “hearts” so I decided to try out these lovely stickers I was sent by Blooming Nail Cebu for review. I started off with 2 coats if Caronia Golden Plum which is such a pretty color but it took forever to dry this time for me. I’m hoping it was just due to my trying out a different base coat than usual.

Indirect sunlight
These embossed stickers cost 20 (less than 50 cents US) pesos a sheet, there are tons of stickers on each sheet and they are an easy, breezy way to add some flair to your nails. I went a bit overboard with putting them on my nails but I also wanted these stickers to be all over so I could see how they held up as I’ve had more bad experiences with stickers than good. I was truly impressed with these stickers. I did one hand with top coat and the other without and they both held up great with no peeling up at all. They are well worth 20 pesos. 🙂 The only thing I would have done differently was lay the stickers down from one end to the next instead of just plopping them on the nail which ended up with my getting a few bubbles stuck under the stickers that I didn’t notice until after topcoat. Oh well. It wasn’t very noticeable at all.

I hope y’all like these. Have a great day!

13 Jul

Starry Night

Some products used were sent to me for honest review. 
Some were purchased by me. 
All opinions are my own. 🙂

Hey ladies!
Technically I’m not jumping the gun because it’s just past midnight on July 13 so I’m posting a mani in line with the day 13 theme “stars” for the Rather Awesome 31 day Challenge Giveaway. I’m pretty ridiculously proud of these. I’m sad that my top coat bubbled but it’s not too visible due to the array of colors. My favorite painting is Starry Night by Van Gogh and that was my inspiration for this mani. I’ve had these on my “to do someday” list for ages and I’m so glad I finally did them. LOVE!

What do you think?

starry night
Direct sunlight shows the details best.

starry night thumb

starry night in sunlight
Starry Night by Van Gogh

I used polish for this work of art and only a tiny bit of orange acrylic paint when I couldn’t get the moon the right color. I used some tiny brushes and did a lot of mixing. I loved using these colors for this project.

Products used:
Oh My Golly polishes: Jive, White Out, Black Out, Naked, Atlantis, Gossip, Banana Boat and Bahama Blue as my base color.

Klik polishes: Mango Shake, Baby Blue, Cocoa
Enchanted polish: Orange
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